Selfie Type is a keyboard concept that uses machine vision to track what you are typing. It doesn’t require any external hardware, just the camera on a phone or tablet.
This is going to be Epic for gaming, pretty soon we’ll all be playing Age of Empires, Dota off our phones.

Samsung Selfie Type
Samsung Selfie Type

Selfie Type enabling Mobile Phones & Tablets to have an invisible keyboard using the front facing camera (Selfie camera). This makes use of any surface or table in front of the phone so the user can type invisibly, It is introduced at this Consumer Electronics Show 2020.

We use our phones mostly all the time for all the daily use, and typing long messages and emails is still hectic as compared to the physical keyboard. but Samsung has come up with the revolutionary solution, This Samsung Selfie Type will use AI and Samsung’s front facing camera to track the movement of hands as you are typing on invisible keyboards in front of you.

This is called SelfieType and has been developed under Samsungs Laboratory, it’s an exceptionally charming one this Samsung SelfieType is based upon Pranav Mistry’s 6th  sense. We don’t have the foggiest idea what plans Samsung has for SelfieType It is just a prototype for now.

It could be a powerful tool as this promo suggests, and buttery smooth as well,  Samsung is showcasing this at Consumers Electronics show 2020 which is held on Las Vegas.

The concept of invisible keyboard already exists using the laser projection, but this has so many drawbacks like you have to carry the additional accessories plus they are not that accurate and are very slow.

Since SelfieType works utilizing your phone’s AI and camera, so it will eliminate the problem of carrying around accessories and extra equipment. However, utilizing machine vision to follow the moment of fingers sounds tricky, so assuming we have to keep our hands in one place for everything to work correctly.

In any case, it’s an answer we’ve not seen previously, and one we’re interested to attempt. Throughout the years, engineers have attempted to replace the keyboards, Maybe, with the assistance of AI, we can at last crack this problem.

Phones like upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 10 are big in size, wonderful and incredible but never replaced the true productivity of Laptops and PC’s, Samsung may have an approach to change that using Selfie Type utilizing Phone’s AI and camera to map fingers moments and translate it to keystrokes to create an invisible keyboard.


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