Gamers know about Steam as it is the world’s most popular PC gaming storefront, which has 40,000 games for sale and over 14 million concurrent players. A gamer not only buys games from the steam but also they can communicate with each other. In simple words, Steam provides community features to its users. Its popularity became a target for hackers who wanted to do the black market over there or stole credit card details linked to that account. 

It makes sense that you should use strong and unique passwords and update or change your steam password periodically. This guide will provide some simple and fastest ways to change your steam password if you have forgotten. 

You can use streams on desktops such as macOS, Linux, and Windows; you can also browse steam websites to buy games. The process of changing the steam password is the same on these platforms. 

How to Change Steam Password?

Step 1: Log into your Steam by using your username and password.

change steam password

Step 2: After login, tap on setting from the drop-down menu.

steam change password

Step 3: You will see a pop-up that shows your account name, email, VAC status, etc. tap on a changed steam password; you will see a box that will ask you how you would like to change your steam password.

how to change steam password

Step 4: You can use your email to get an account verification code.

steam password change

Step 5: Tap on the email to get the verification code, next enter your verification code, and tap continue. 

steam forgot password

Step 6: Now, type your new password on the dialogue box and tap change password. 

recover your steam account

Congratulations, your steam password has been changed. But remember, if you have used your steam account on multiple computers, you need to log in again. 

How to reset Steam if forgot Steam password?

If you accidentally forgot your steam password, then don’t worry.

Step 1: Just go to the login screen, you can tap ‘I can’t sign in.’ Steam will ask you whether you have forgotten your steam details.

change steam password

Step 2: Tap I forgot my steam account details. 

how to reset steam password

Step 3: Enter your email address or contact number on the dialogue box.

steam reset password

Step 4: You will get a verification code, enter and confirm it.

steam password reset

Step 5: Create a new password, and it’s done. 

What you should do when you want to change the steam password but does not have email access. 

If your associated email account is not active any more, then you have to directly contact Valve to prove that you are the real owner. Here is how you can contact them. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Go to the steam. Tap on I can’t sign in.

Step 2: Choose I forgot my steam account password.

how to reset steam password

Step 3: Fill your email address or contact number. Remember to enter the email address or phone number which is associated with your account when you have created it. And, tap search button.

Step 4: Choose, I no longer have access to this particular email address.

forgot my steam account

Step 5: Fill all the required details and tap on the send button. It is done.

steam account password

Valve will contact you for what you should do in order to recover from this issue. 

What should you do to strengthen your Steam Account Security? 

For any online service, the user entrusts their online security to online service providers. Unfortunately, you might forget that these companies experience data breaches themselves. But that does not mean that there is nothing a user can do to protect their online accounts. Choosing and setting up a strong and unique password is the first step towards a more secure account. Therefore, Change the steam password once in a week or a month to make your security to the next level. 

It is very crucial to set a complex password for all online accounts. It can fix your Security problem.

Note: Some say that Steam accounts are unhackable, but we are not confirmed about it. So it is better to take precautions before it’s too late. 

Okay, so what is a secure password? you might think about it. Well, the password consists of no less than 14 characters. A strong password contains Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It seems a good idea if you combine several dictionary words and then divide some letters. But yes don’t waste your time by doing this thing because experts say that these types of password can easily be guessed by hackers. So it is recommended that you do not use any personal details such as your pet name, birthday, addresses and other information while choosing your password. It can be quickly guessed by cybercriminals. Specialities say that using an automated generate password can do your work easily. This password is complex and can not easily be guessed by hackers. 

What other things you can do to protect your account from being hacked?

The first thing we recommend is don’t share your steam account password with anyone. Even though sharing is caring but it is far away from the truth. 

Second, Enter your steam password only on steam official websites such as and

Note – Your website Url will be green highlighted if the legitimate website has been opened. 

Third, steam users should turn on steam guard two -factor authentication to take your security to the next level. Whenever anyone accesses your account he/she will be asked for a second factor for example- a unique code sent to your mail or any other way. 

How to setup Steam guard?

In order to take your security to the next level, you should install the Steam Guard into your ios or android mobile devices. How you can set up this. Follow these steps:

First, make sure you have installed Steam Guard on your mobile devices from the Android play store or App Store.


Step 1: After you install it, log in to your steam account. From the upper left side column, choose the steam guard.

steam guard

Step 2: Tap the Add Authenticator button.

how to setup steam guard

Step 3: Enter your phone number to get the confirmation code.

how to set up steam guard

Step 4: Enter your confirmation code, which you have received on the number.

steam guard setup

Step 5: After entering the confirmation code Check your recovery code and paste it to a safe place as it is essential when you lose or forget your steam account password. 

set up steam guard

Once the setting is complete, you must enter a random code whenever you log in to your steam account, which you will see on your steam screen.

setup steam guard


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